Perancak Temple

From Rambut Siwi coming one folows the signpost. Briefly before Delodberawah a statue with a crocodile stand in the cemter of the road. Crocodile is a landmark of Jembrana.

In the small fishing village Perancak is located beautiful sea Temple Pura Gede Perancak. Here is before many centuries hired Dang Hyang Nirartha, which crossed Bali. The Temple is at present again reconditioned. An oblong pond frames the rear part of the temple and its road turned side harmoniously.

At the present of Nirartha's arrival became the area around Perancak of Gusti Ngurah Rangsasa controlled. This led a out Curving, viceful live. It forced the pious Man to pray in it;s temple for it. Follows as Nirartha of its demand wanted, the temple itself broken down. Gusti Ngurah Rangsasa seized there upon it frightened the escape. the village inhabitants built the Temple and dedicated it Hyang Nirartha and its teaching hired.

Once a year in July here, the traditional Harvest Thanks Celebration, fischer instead of, which is framed by Gamelam (balinese traditional music) and Balinese Dances.

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