Handicraft Products from Klungkung

Kamasan is a village in Klungkung Regency popular with visitors because of the unique works of its painters. Located about 41 km east of Denpasar City 2.5 km to the east of Semarapura Capital City of Klungkung Regency, many of its population are also engaged the production of other sorts of attractive traditional articles such as ‘Wayang Kamasan’ puppets, highly sought after by tourists.

Because of it’s position it is not surprising that Kamasan Village plays a dominant role as one of the most important handicraft centres not only in Klungkung Regency but also as far as Ubud (Gianyar Regency), and throughout this ‘Island of the Gods.’ It is a centre for Kamasan-style classic puppet painting and all kinds of metal works made of gold, silver, copper and bronze.
Whoever goes along this village’s main street and lanes to visit to local house, will hear hard knocking sounds of hammers striking iron, announcing there are smiths busy welding metal materials such as gold and silver to produce designs top order.

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