Bali's Exotic Eco Tourism

The rich culture of Bali being maintained from one generation to the next generation is never the boring of tourists of reason to visit this island. But Bali does not offer simply its unique culture; eco-tourism also has a part in the attraction of Bali.

The culture of Bali will be always the wire in attraction for tourists. It is because the community follows closely the Hindu lesson, which gives a strong direction of the spirit and dictates their daily behavior. The habits, the traditions and the religion announced in one in Bali equipping the mixture with a strong direction with stability. The large temples always play an essential part and the ritual one are still carried out with full the devotion by Balinese in spite with their increasingly modern life styles, perhaps even with an increasing attachment.

According to the sociologist and the observer of tourism, Dr. I. Gde Pitana, Balinese refute unconsciously the theory of Weber about the relationship between the richness and the culture. The theory of Weber proposes that a culture of companies decreases vis-a-vis the increasing richness. It seems that that in Bali the reverse is true, with an increase in the richness of the company, the cultural values are always adhered to more narrowly. The visitor can observe any ceremony or ritual in Bali to see that the crowned character of the ceremony and the devotion of the people are something but missing.

The tourists do not come simply to appreciate cultural attractions but also the beautiful geography of Bali. The operators of tourists offer much choice of eco-voyage like packages to the lake and the frame Batur, the rice layers of Jatiluwih, Tabanan, river transporting, or plunging by raft, between others.

There are in fact much factors implied by accumulating eco-tourism, the principal consideration is probably of the means of preserving nature. It is not a simple equation there, if the object of eco-tourism is destroyed, will be more tourists to visit the site. To avoid this, eco-to travel the companies must work together to create the programs which are ambient friendly.

Eco-tourism started to affect Bali in 1991 when the European tourists became tired metropolitan life styles of life and were attracted with more again with the environment of nature. Like answer, the companies of excursion started to offer the area of Batur as a regeneration, slackening the alternative. Except the normal beauty of its flows of lava, the Batur frame is also a pleasant mountain to go up to stimulate various excursions of trekking in the sector. After long voyage day, the tourists can slacken out of hot normal sulphur springs at Toyabungkah. Through the lake, the ancient village of Trunyan still offers another attraction with its average narcotics to place deaths above the ground.

In the zone of Tabanan, three beautiful lakes and an abundant forest can be appreciated. More and more the complete equipment appears in the area of Bedugul offering more approvals in this comfortable, fresh and clean climate. In this sector, much of sites can be visited, all offering the normal beauty of the flora and fauna surrounding.

The Agung frame in the zone of Karangasem is still another excellent destination of eco-tourism. Of this, the largest mountain in Bali, hikers can appreciate beautiful a tropical sunrise in the icy temperatures. On a frame of clear time Rinjani on close Lombok can be seen, not to mention the major part of the island of Bali inclining to the bottom with the sea below. The Eastern end of Bali offers one of the most normal habitats and most intact in Bali, the Western national park of Bali. It is here that Bali almost extinct Starling resides among much of another single and beautiful flora and fauna in this protected forest. To protect the sector, the visitors must receive a laiss government before being left enter.

Adventure sports, considered continuously part of eco-tourism in the Nineties are modified like transporting white of water. To transport by raft is primarily a combination of the sports of adventure and tourism because of its capacity to offer to the tourist precipitations of an adrenalin like a scenic excursion of the almost inaccessible parts of Bali by all other means. Two rivers, Ayung and Tukad Unda, were the principal focus for people of the transporting country of the operators by raft. The lakes bali' S started to compete the ocean in what they must offer. Bedugul, for example, offers fishing, the Para. sailing, the water ski and the trekking along its shores to compete of the sports of ocean. However, those which prefer the lucky find of cam of ocean right about any sport to satisfy them; Para. - sailing (DUA of Nusa), plunging (Bali of north), snorkeling (Bali of north), surfant wind (Sanur) and Bali have some excellent waves for surfer (Bali of south and Westerner).

Several organizations with the WWF (funds of the world for nature) held a “control of reff� July in the whole of Indonesia. The coral reefs of the island and Tulamben de Menjangan were the center of the program in Bali. The goals of this control are to record statistics on the condition and to employ the data to improve the conditions year by year.

The expansion of eco-tourism was also enriched by agro tourism, which presents the products of agriculture of certain sectors. As the voyages which however take with tourists the layers in rice terrace of Tabanan or Gianyar, agro-tourism also envisages to present the fruits and vegetables of Bali in their normal environments. the Agro-tourists can see the methods of plantation, worrying for and about the gathering of oranges in Kintamani, Bangli as an example. They are also invited to select oranges themselves and the savor the fruit while appreciating the beautiful sights of the surrounding panorama.

When the season of durian comes, the road of Denpasar with Bedugul is furnished with the kiosks selling this thorny fruit. Often the tourists are taken in the jungle on the difficult ways to see the durian for themselves freely or to select their clean durian. Tress of durian are seldom planted like harvest, rather the trees are wild and thus sometimes difficult to find.

In the fresh climate of Bedugul, the tourists interested in the tropical factories can also visit brought back parts of cabbage and the strawberries are relatively large and completely candy with a luminous red color. Visitors are invited to observe the plantation or the selection of the strawberries in their respective seasons.

Agro-tourism encourages very for the farmers because they receive the additional income of the tourists, which helps to supplement their usually minimal benefit. The sites of tourists who are included in the category of the ecotourism cause the increasing attention as for their normal state so that they can continue to be admired. The conservation of our environment is indeed each one responsibility so that the future generations can continue to appreciate this beautiful ground.

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