Bali Wedding

Getting married is one of the most important events in the life of most people. Both the bride and groom hope to keep an unforgettable memory of this day. Therefore, many marriages are celebrated in unusual ways – be it on a beautiful beach, at a luxurious private villa, even with ceremonies under water deep in the ocean with lovely fish and corals around.

According to all popular travel publications, Bali is the most romantic destination on earth to get married. The island's beautiful beaches, tropical scenery, lovely waterfalls, breathtaking sunsets, and the choice of beautiful private villas provide a truly romantic location for your big day.

Did you ever think about having a private wedding party just for the two of you? Hear your partner say "I DO" in romantic and beautiful surroundings, either on a white-sandy beach under blue sky, on a private yacht, diving deep in the ocean, or on the back of an elephant?
You can have a modern ceremony, a Jungle Elephant arrangement, or a Royal Bali Wedding Ceremony – all great occasions to make your vow. You decide what you want – and we deliver it.

Many magazines and movie companies spend a lot of time to visit the island of Bali for shooting because its natural beauty and fascinating culture provide outstanding backgrounds. Even if you cannot avoid having a normal wedding at home, making special wedding photos with beautiful bridal gowns in exotic surroundings will give you unforgettable memories — FOREVER.

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