Wayang Wong of Batuagung

The wayang is very popular among the Balinese. The meaning of the word is highly controversial, but it is generally applied to any pictorial representation of the figures of mythology, although it appears to have deeper, more significant religious meaning, perhaps related to the cult of ancestors. On the other hand, wayang means shadow-the shadow of life as in wayang kulit รข€“ the puppet shadow play.

In line with this ancient theatre, there is wayang wong(the human puppet), the archaic of masked drama. Unlike the puppet shadow, wayang wong is rare traditional theatre. The sacred wayang wong could be found at Perancak temple, performed only as part of temple ceremony during its temple festival.

Another could be found at family temple of brahmin castle at Geriya Batuagung, north east of Negara. It is performed during temple festivals, cremations and other ceremonies. Nowdays, it is also performed during the annual Bali Art Festival.

A group from Japan was enthusiastically watching the masked drama based on Ramayana and Mahabarata epics, performed in front of the family temple at Batuagung. Before the performance, all playersor artist pray to the god at the temple. During the performance, some of them are in trance, they dance on wood fire.

The performance is staged on request. The visitors enjoy the performance very much. There are some reasons, why such a tourist attraction is enjoyable-interesting for tourist. The tourist product could not be moved to another place. The authenticity, originality and local atmosphere are the main elements in this performance. Visitors can witness the artist preparing the costumes and attires before dancing-the activity behind the satge. They also see the architecture at both house and family temples.

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