Tirta Empul, The Holy Springs

Located in Tampak Siring, Gianyar regency beside President's palace, there's a temple named Tirta Empul where its pond is believed to cure some sickness. Tirta empul means water that comes from the earth naturally. And until this day Balinese still believe the miraculous healing powers of the water.

According to Usana Bali, an ancient Balinese manuscript, there was once an evil king named Maya Denawa who did not believe in god, and objected to the people worshipping gods. The gods sent a punishment in the form of the warriors of Bhatara Indra, who arrived to attack Maya Denawa and overthrow him. However, Maya Denawa poisoned the warriors and they lay dead. Seeing this, the god Indra pierced the earth to create a spring called amerta. When the water was sprinkled over the dead warriors, they became alive back. This water source is believed to be the source of life and prosperity to this day. That's how the temple of Tirta Empul got started.

Temple inscriptions mention that Tirta Empul was constructed in 960 AD, when the king Chandrabhaya Singha Warmadewa ordered its construction.

And when there is a festival or ceremony in this temple you can see many people bathing in the ponds that has seven pancuran. The source of the water is from the sacred spring in the middle area. Not only can the water cure sickness but can also purify sins.

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