The village of Krambitan, southwest of Tabanan, was once an extension of the ruling Raja’s court and is still a cultural stronghold, with music groups maintaining ancient customs of music and dance, using bamboo instruments.

The puri (palaces) of Krambitan have opened their doors to tourists who wish to experience life in a Balinese palace. The Puri Agung Wisata has cheaper rooms, but the Puri Anyar is recommended. Don't expect hotel-style service, however, as the palaces have no trained staff-which actually adds to their charm.

Puri Anyar Krambitan. 9 rooms. The saren bungalows are where the royal family used to live, so this is not a typical hotel. They prepare lunch and dinner for 25 and 35 euro, respectively. The Puri Anyar stages fantastic torch lit dance dinners on request or for the big Nusa Dua hotels. They also offer village cultural tours and kite flying parties. 75 euro with breakfast.

Beebees Restaurant and Bungalows. 6 bungalows in Tibubiyu, Krambitan. Bungalows set in lush tropical greenery with ocean and village sounds harmonizing in the distance. Very peaceful. 21-25 euro, including fruit and breakfast.

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