Bali Bird Park

The Taman Burung Bird Park situated in Batubulan, is home to more than a thousand birds (250 exotic bird species) from indonesia and all over the world. It is set in two hectares magnificent gardens filled with the tropical plants, water features and spectacular Rain forest in aviary.

Birds aren't the only exciting creatures at the Park. Rare Komodo dragons also make their home here. Set in magnificent botanical gardens the Bali Bird Park offers more than just a glorious myriad of bird life; a backdrop of ponds and waterfalls creates a perfect environment for not only our birds, but also a lotus and Water Lily collection.

As you stroll throughout the park, your eyes will continually alight on a multitude of diverse palms and rich tropical flora. Wander through the mist-shrouded walk-in aviary, home to free flying birds in a dense rainforest setting. With the advanced nursery and fully trained staff, Bali Bird Park is a caring home for birds and an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages.

[Photo]At the end of your adventure, you can take your pictures with the birds (parrot and cockatoo) in your shoulder and in your hand. You can also have it printed on T Shirt, it’s available in the park. A restaurant is another facility you can find here. This is a good place to rest, and order a few Bintang beer to unwind after your "jungle" adventure. Oh, no need to worry, those birds won’t snatch your food or drink.

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