Sanur Beach

Sanur is one of Bali's biggest traditional villages but it's also one of the most established tourist areas. Fine hotels, restaurants and modern entertainment venues complement traditional village activities like drama and dance, so it's a good place to enjoy the delights of a tropical island and gain a real appreciation of Balinese culture and local life.

Sanur Beach, up to these days, stays interesting to visit. Apart from having a white sandy beach along with its small and mellow waves, its cultural uniqueness and customs continue to exist. From this beach, you can see the sunrise. It is good for sunbathing while luxuriating in mountain view that looks in line in the north and as well the allurement of Nusa Penida. Sanur Beach, either in the morning or afternoon, is immensely convenient to do aerobic as it has pavement of more than 5 km.

Getting There
From Kuta to Sanur, take a 'bemo' first to Terminal Tegal in Denpasar, then a dark blue 'bemo' all the way to Sanur. Or take a dark green 'bemo' from Denpasar's Kreneng Terminal to Sanur. A two-km-long four-lane highway runs six km from the southeastern edge of Denpasar (Renon) to northern Sanur, dropping you off just north of the Grand Bali Beach compound, then continuing down Jalan Danau Tamblingan.

With or without prior booking, look for the name of your hotel on signs or vehicles at the airport for a free air-conditioned ride to Sanur. A different way to reach Sanur is to walk along the beach from Lebih, south of Gianyar. This involves crossing the mouths of several rather large rivers-exercise cautions.

What to Do
As a matter of fact, many activities can be done at Sanur Beach, like sunbathing, swimming or having bath in the water of the sea, playing beach volleyball or football. Similarly, many take advantage this white sand for yoga exercise. This September, in front of Inna Grand Bali Beach will be held an international competition of beach volleyball. While, for daily activities, there are Sanur Reefs Snorkelling, glass bottom boat, boat/Balinese outrigger sailing, wind surfing, canoeing, jet ski, parasailing, coral fishing, trolling fishing and scuba diving at Sanur Area. However, the most preferred is surfing, jet ski and glass bottom boat. They are mostly from Europe and Australia whilst Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese tourists prefer to visit Le Mayeur Museum or take a promenade on the beachside and this activity is commonly done in the morning.

In addition, jukung (traditional outrigger) also draws numerous interested persons. They sail around Sanur Beach and some other utilize this outrigger to sail to Nusa Lembongan or Serangan.

Various kinds of tourist facilities like hotels, restaurants, travel agents, security posts and lifeguards are also available in Sanur Area. Many art shops sell miscellaneous souvenirs. Hawkers are not left behind, either, to get their fortune. They sell light meals or snacks like roasted corn, coffee, tipat-sate (boiled rice in plaited coconut leaf added with satay), Balinese cakes and mineral water.

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