Gitgil Waterfall

The Gitgit Waterfall in Bali is set on the left hand side of the main road that leads to Singaraja from Denpasar. The location of Bali's Gitgit Waterfall becomes conveniently accessible from the time the road takes on to the mountain to Singaraja. Walk past the multifarious sarong and handicraft stalls to get to the Gitgit Waterfall.

A visit to the waterfall at Gitgit should be on every tourist's list. Although the winding road is steep and you have to walk the last part, it is accessible by car or motorbike. You can park your vehicle at a parking lot on the Denpasar to Singaraja road from where you can see the waterfall. To get closer, you will need to walk.

The path can be considered in two halves. The first part is a stepped concrete path bordered by trees and shrubs on one side and a myriad of colourful shops on the other. Halfway along the scene changes and on both sides you can see coffee and clove trees. It is a refreshing experience to walk in this quiet area where the birds take turns to sing. The air is cool and gradually gets colder a you approach the waterfall. A short distance from the waterfall, the fine water spray will cool your body.

For those searching for the ultimately romantic spot to spread out an open air feast, there are picnic facilities available at the site, offering spectacular views of the dramatic falls.

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