Tulamben - Bali's Diving Site

Tulamben is Bali's most famous diving location. Located on the North East coast of Bali, Tulamben receives very plankton-rich waters from the major oceanic currents in the area. These plankton-rich waters have created one of the most diverse regions on the planet. That is why, every year, a multitude of international photographers and videographers visit the area to dive their favorite dive sites and to explore for some new ones.

Underwater, the Tulamben diving area is awesome. However, the natural beauty of the area above the surface really lends to Tulamben popularity. Tulamben is situated under the foot of Mt Agung which offers some superb scenic views for when you are out of the water. The local Balinese culture is in full swing and offers a real edge to your time in the area.

The main attraction is the wreck of the USS Liberty, famous for the amazing variety of marine life found there. This is a must-dive site in Bali , and a photographers' paradise. Other sites include a great drop-off, a shallow coral garden, and a deep coral reef. Tulamben is the best place to night dive in Bali and, being on the East coast, you can take an unforgettable sunrise dive.

The Diving:

Kubu Reef

These two dive sites lie between the wreck and the drop off. I usually started at the drop off (have the Diving Helpers Club carry the tanks there) and went down to 25m to see the cleaning station just slightly to the left of the drop off on the sand. Then I would head towards the Paradise Reef. If you are good on air, you can leisurely dive the whole stretch, otherwise you just get out, before you run out of air and walk back. Most of the dive is shallow (3m to 15m). Specially the River is a great place to do so called muck diving and find rare animals such as the harlequin and the robust ghost pipefish, several species of eels and even the mimic octopus, boxer crabs or the harlequin shrimp! If you are lucky as we were, you might also see an eagle ray or a couple black tip reef sharks, a big barracuda or Spanish mackerel! Also very good for night dives.

US Liberty shipwreck
The Liberty was originally a cargo steamer built in New Jersey, USA in the early 20th century. She was pressed into service during W.W.II and armed with guns fore and aft. On 11th January 1942 the ship was cruising off the Lombok coast when she was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine causing major damage to the hull, but not sinking. The US Navy decided to try and salvage her and subsequently sent two destroyers to tow her to Bali. However, she was taking on too much water and it was decided to beach her at Tulamben.

In 1963 Bali's highest volcano, Gunung Agung, erupted causing major damage and loss of life on the island. This eruption also managed to push USAT Liberty to her final resting place 40 meters off shore, in between 9 and 28 meters of water.

Liberty is now Bali's most popular dive, encrusted with many different varieties of soft and hard coral and a very large concentration of fish and other marine life. A must do dive.

A resident school of bigeye jacks often lurks here-unafraid of divers, you can approach them and enter the school to have them whirl around you. The ship is also a haven for emperors, parrotfish,batfish and sweetlips. Look for anemones and nudibranchs in the coral-rich areas.

Drop Off
about 500 m to the east of the wreck and close to the temple, the underwater wall drops to a depth of 60m (the top is around 3 to 5 m), sometimes there is a slight current. There are three coral covered lava spurs that reach down to 50 or 60m but usually you dive at the one that lies to the west of the temple. The other two reefs around the corner are also worth exploring. On the first spur at 30m is a huge Muricella gorgonian fan, it must be over 2m in diameter! Just beautiful!

Batu Kelebit
This deep coral site is is just round the corner from the Tulamben Drop Off. The coral starts from about 25m, down to past 70m. Lots of big Triggerfish, Sweet lips, Midnight Snapper and colorful Clownfish & Angelfish. Big pelagics & Sharks. Access just a few minutes by traditional boat from Tulamben it self. This long stretch of coast is all diveable so you can take multiple dives along here.

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  • Jeanna
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    Yah I heard that Bali is a great diving site aside from surfing. I want to experience this one day if given the chance to see Indonesia. This is very inspiring information it gives me the drive to pursue on my savings.