A Cool Break at Ulundanu Temple

Cool and sometimes misty are predominant features of the place where Ulundanu Temple, one of Kahyangan Jagat or universal temple locates. It nestled on the side of lake Beratan, Bedugul in Tabanan regency, some 48 km from Denpasar. Actually this temple lies at strategic destination among the Candikuning agro market, botanical garden and the route to some fascinating destinations in northen Bali. Uniquely, one compound of temple is located on the land of the lakeside and another within the lake. However it is still within the reach of a temporary bridge or by a transfer of an outrigger. Devotees find no difficult accessing the latter.

In terms of its function, Ulundanu temple is a house of worship to honor the Lord of Vishnu along with his consort Goddess Danu or Sri that considered administering fertility and the agricultural field. Subak or Balinese irrigation cooperative members consequently also pay homage at this temple.

Ulundanu temple as well features harmonious life between Hinduism and Buddhism during the period. In front of the temple or outside the main temple complex, there is a stuppa (a buddhist shrine). This indicates high tolerance or harmony of both religions as could also be found during the previous ages in Majapahit Kingdom in East Java.

For visitors, this destination is something like an “all in one� destination. Outside the complex of temple there are myriad of attractions that will make the journey more memorable and refreshing in a short break for the next journey. Those who like water spoerts can rent a jukung� outrigger or speed boat to experience the stunning view of the lake under cool temperature. Similarly, enjoying fishing is available to take out white water fish in the Lake. For this purpose, visitors are not necessary worry about the bait or angle. Just order and the equipment needed are already prepared at sufficiently reasonable rental.

On the other area of the complex, visitors will find a portrait painting service. Guests, who would like to have self-portrait painting, just make a reservation on the pavilion near outrigger jetty, or kid playground. There are many spectators at all times who want to see curiously the expertise of the painter and order self-portraits to bring home. Last but not least, some tame animals like big snakes, birds, and iguanas are available for rent for some minutes if visitors would like to have their photograph taken with them. Prices usually can be negotiable accordingly.

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