Belulang Hot Spring: The Mountain Natural Hot Spring

There are two locations of hot spring bathing places in Tabanan Regenct, namely the one that is located at Penatahan and Belulang Village-Mengesta. Both nestle in the teritory of Penebel sub district, north of Tabanan, right at the foot of Mount Batukaru.

Hot springs, located at the foot of Mount Batukaru, are part of the natural heat source emanating from within the Batukaru's crust which keeps the forest luxuriant. The hot spring contains a sulphureous element that is advantageous for health and can cure several kinds of skin illnesses.

Penatahan hot spring is well known. It is some 33 km north of Denpasar, while that of Belulang is 40 km away. Many visitors, particularly those who suffer from skin illnesses, visit both hot springs often.

Other than skin illnesses, the hotspring is also capable of curing rheumatism. Illnesses can be cured after staying submerged or having a bath in the water having temperature 47'C.

Next to the hotspring lies the Batupanas Temple and Puseh Temple of Belulang Village that make the location more sacred and enchanting with its mountainous panorama. Its sorrounding air is extremely cool and removed away from pollution, therefore you will definitely be comfortable and satisfied to enjoy your leisure there.

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