Bali Art Festival - Cultural and Educational Performance

During the months of June through July, Denpasar rehost the parade of Bali Arts Festival. Eight regencies and one city across Bali present varied attractions typical of their own region. Artist from other regions in Indonesia and even overseas are not left behind in this grandiose event.

Looking back, the Bali Art Festival was initiated by the late Ida Bagus Mantra (Governor of Bali for 1978-1988). Its purpose is to preserve the culture existing on this Island of the Gods.

This annual event has become a showplace for Balinese artist who carry the mission to preserve the cultural values as the means of education for the young generation in order that they might know better and appreciate the diversity of their own culture. Cultural activities that currently involve envoys from several countries have also given a positive impact on the development of art and culture existing in Bali.

The Bali Art Festival is a motivator for artist to create new works of art. In fact, a number of traditional arts are verging on extinction have regained life. On that account, 60% of the art performances staged represent characteristic arts from each region. Meanwhile, the remaining performances are a part of the creative process of local, national and international artists in collaboration.

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